How to save money while shopping for power tools

If you’re money conscious, yet still want to get good deal on your first set of power tools, you’ve come to the right place. I’m just like you, and often get called cheap, especially on the internet, but I, unlike those people calling me that, realize the importance of finances in a hobby. I’ve seen many people give up woodworking, thinking that it was too expensive of a hobby to be had. Which is completely untrue, and I can prove it. Below, I want to help people make better buying decisions and not risk a lot of capital into a tool that they might never use.

Buying first set of tools is difficult for everyone, and I was no exception. Four years ago, when I was looking to make purchases, I had no idea what projects I would be completing or what kind of cuts I needed to achieve my goals. So how was I supposed to pick a saw to do the job for me? After a lot of thinking and planning, I landed on circular saw, as it seemed the most popular and universally liked tool at the time. And surprisingly, that was the right call, because circular saws are very efficient and I still use my dewalt every day, so the investment has definitely paid off.

Let’s quickly review the brands though – DeWalt and Bosch are both pretty high end, high price brands. Tools made by both of these manufacturers are really trustworthy to not fail for at least three or more years. I’ve been using mine for four years and it doesn’t have any signs of breakage. I had some spare money at the time, and opted for 120$ dewalt mini circular saw, but if you don’t have that kind of cash at hand, you don’t have to. There are affordable but quality brands, like Skil and Ryobi, which are pretty tough as well, but not as tough as DeWalt and Bosch. They are intended for lighter use. For example, if you’re planning on doing some light woodworking on the weekends, Ryobi and Skill will work perfectly for you and might last even longer than my DeWalt did. But if you’re  going to be using them every day, they’re not going to hold up, and you should be aware of that before making the purchase. A lot of people buy these tools thinking to be something they’re not. Even looking at the price should be enough to suspect that these are not the tools for heavy work, as they cost about half the price of dewalt.

But if you want DeWalt and don’t have hundreds of dollars to pay for it, consider browsing craigslist and ebay to find some good deals on used circular saws. On ebay there are a lot of scammers though, so pay attention to the rating of the seller of the saw. Having a lot of pictures is a good sign as well.

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