Just found perfect hatchet to split wood on my camping trip

I’ve been occasionally going camping with my girlfriend and some of her friends for about one year now, and noticed that we have consistently one problem on the camp – getting good logs to burn.  Some of them are wet, and the dry ones are too big to set on fire, so we always end up scrambling some leftover pieces of wood together to fire up our modest campfire. But this time, that was going to change. I got sick of this situation and got to research. I googled and learned a lot about how to set up a proper campfire, and how to get wood properly.

Turns out, there are special tools for exactly this kind of thing. They’re called splitting mauls, and if you haven’t yet guessed it, they are used to split these logs into smaller pieces that burn more easily. Of course, they are not mainly used for camping but at backyards instead, so they are very bulky and long. So not very portable and definitely impossible to carry on a camping trip. I continued my research, desperately trying to find something suitable for our situation. Regular axes or hatchets didn’t fit our requirements, as they were just not designed to properly split the wood, or they were too heavy for us to carry. And then I came upon one product that I needed to see – Fiskars X11. Fiskars is famous for making high quality axes and other tools, and I’ve noticed that during my previous research on splitting mauls. And it turns out, they made wood splitting hatchets that perfectly fit our requirements. Fiskars X11 is 17 inches long and weighs only 2 pounds. Which is not perfect, but good enough compared to everything else we’ve considered. And we did watch some videos where people reviewed and had shown Fiskars X11 in action. This little splitting maul was supposed to be one handed, and due to its small size, it was only supposed to be on small logs. Like, really small. That spooked us, but we paid around forty bucks and got one from Amazon anyway.

When it came and we first took it for trial on camping trip, we were pleasantly surprised. Yes, it was small and not very powerful, but it made up for those flaws by sharpness and perfect design. It perfectly split the smaller logs, but it struggled with the big ones. But we just had to hit big ones few more times until they were finally split. And it’s not like we had whole tree cut down to split, so few more strikes didn’t really matter.  That’s how we found perfect splitting maul for ourselves.

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