Are the vegans the only ones who care about suffering of animals?

Lots of men and women identify themselves as animal fans, nevertheless intentionally or not, this rarely extends into the animals we use for food. There are plenty of misconceptions about how animal products are got and we frequently turn a blind eye towards inhumane animal agricultural practices. Animal welfare is an issue we want to push from our minds, even when it is introduced to us in an objective way.

Factory farming displays a number of the most severe examples of animal cruelty for food manufacturing. Regrettably, factory farming provides the most competitive prices and makes the most profit, so it is difficult and sometimes impossible for smaller institutions to endure without adopting the same principles. The competition from large businesses has made it extremely tough for everyone to offer more humane alternatives since it’s simply much less profitable. Factory farming is a completely horrifying business, the focus is on profit and production, the well-being of these animals and employees involved is nearly non-existent. Everything comes down to money.

Here is a concise summary of only some of the routine procedures of this animal agriculture sector. If this disturbs you, then I highly recommend looking deeper into these issues because there is far more to understand. In the end of the post we have supplied some documentaries, books, and online resources for learning more.

The creatures are kept in overcrowded places with minimal if any room to move, the surroundings is filthy, and the atmosphere will be thick with the smell of ammonia and physical waste. The creatures suffer injuries which are often left untreated, from broken bones to burns and lesions from constant contact with their own waste.

With the focus on profit, time is money, meaning slaughterhouses process as many animals as possible in any particular day. It is typical for the production lines to be moving so quickly that the procedures employed to kill the critters are rarely effective and create a lot of suffering and pain. Because of the quick processing time many of the creatures are still living, terrified, and in unimaginable quantities of pain during skinning, scalding, and dismemberment.

These are regular practices — millions of creatures endure this cruelty and torture each and every day and it’s not just the animals that suffer. Slaughterhouse workers are in an great risk also. Cattle frequently weigh over a ton and tend toward thrashing and kicking, putting the employees in wonderful risk of serious harms. Workers can also become violent at home, and misuse alcohol or drugs in an effort to assuage their own guilt and stress over what they have witnessed or participated in.

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